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Simplify Your Finances

Financial Planning and Investment Advice


How do I set up a budget?


What’s the best way to pay down debt?


How much should I save for retirement?


What should I invest in?


How do I make sure my family is taken care of if something happens to me?


Are there ways for me to save on taxes?

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How We Work Together

Your pathway to financial wellness starts with these four steps:

Choose Your Destination

We take time to listen and understand the important financial goals you want to accomplish.

Plan Your Route

We evaluate the best way to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Start Your Journey

We outline the specific steps you need to take to get started on your financial journey.

Follow Your Guide

We stay with you every step of the way to provide guidance and make sure you stay on track.

If you want a financial guide, you need

Three Plans

We understand that everybody’s situation is unique. That’s why we offer three
different plans to fit your needs.

Why Financial Pathway Is Fee-Only

Most financial advisors have the ability to be paid higher

commissions or kickbacks for recommending certain

investment products. But at Financial Pathway, we have

chosen to be fee-only for 3 main reasons:

Your Best Interest

What’s best for you comes before what’s best for us.

Your Trust

We believe transparency is vital. You should know exactly how we are compensated and why we recommend the investments that we do.

Your Financial Plan

We focus on building your comprehensive financial plan instead of selling you a product.

“As a husband and a father of a growing family, I

believe that financial planning should be clear and

accessible to people like me.”

Nate Skelly is a fee-only financial planner and founder

of Financial Pathway. He is passionate about providing

financial education from a biblical worldview. Nate lives

in Pensacola, Florida, with his wife, Charity, and their

three kids: Jaden, Judah, and Juliet.


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Financial Teaching

Sessions for Your Church


Understanding the most transformational principle regarding how Christians should view money.

One Session

Managing God’s Money

Explore what the Bible has to say about important financial topics like generosity, saving for the future, managing debt, and more.

Three Sessions

Managing God’s Money Plus

The three sessions from “Managing God’s Money” plus an additional two sessions. Great for a two-day event.

Five Sessions